Storytelling ‘CLECS’ with Kamalagita

“Clecs” A story based performance for RAFT


Kamalagita (Joanna) Hughes is a storyteller and writer who has made critically acclaimed documentary films about the Rhondda for the BBC. She is Rhondda born and bred and has performed stories in numerous locations, including at the Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival.

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We all know that everyone in the Rhondda has a story. And in most cases it’s more fascinating, more bizarre, more humorous than fiction. Some translate “Clecs” as lies. But Clecs are our myths , they’re the stories that we tell everyday at the bus stop, up the road, on the school yard. They’re the way we understand our community, how it  thrives or fails to thrive and about the characters and places and events that happen. They might be a trip down memory lane, but without the strong foundation of the stories that shape us –  where we’ve been, we can’t possibly know who we’ll become. And in an increasingly complex world, we have something to say about our future and our destiny. In most cases, you couldn’t make it up.

Friday Small Tent at 6pm (Bilingual) and Saturday Small Tent at 3.30pm (English)